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The city of Corvallis in central western Oregon is designated as the county seat of Benton County. It is the largest principal city of the Albany-Corvallis-Lebanon combined statistical area. Dating in this side of Oregon is expectedly better compared to areas with fewer people. However, with the help of uMeet online dating, finding a romantic partner can get even better. Learn more about this by visiting the uMeet Corvallis, Oregon dating page.

uMeet is a new online dating site that features advanced methods for connecting singles in Corvallis and in the other Benton County cities of Albany, Monroe, Adair Village, and Philomath.

For those who are looking for a place where they can have their first date, there are a number of places worth considering. Some of them are the Riverview Mongolian Grill, Nirvana Indian Restaurant, American Dream Pizza, and the Evergreen Indian Restaurant.

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