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Blodgett, Oregon was originally named after a local family with the surname of “Emrick”. This was in 1888. Later, it was changed to “Blodgett”, after a pioneer settler named William Blodgett. The community is home to a mere 58 people. You might think this definitely puts a damper on your dating and social life, or that elusive search for the ideal mate. Luckily, uMeet is here to refresh a dull social life. 

uMeet is an online dating site that finds the perfect match for you. This is done using a date matching algorithm that looks through a wide database of uMeet users. uMeet can connect you with compatible single men and women from surrounding communities in Blodgett like Corvallis, Philomath, Adair Village, Monroe, Alpine, Wren, Alsea, Noon, Dawson, Kings Valley, etc.

If you and your date are into athletic pursuits, you’ll definitely enjoy the rugged outdoors of Blodgett with a trip to Mary’s Peak in Siuslaw National Forest, or Mcdonald Forest for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Introduce your date to a little background of the area by visiting Benton County Historical Museum, where you can learn about Oregon heritage and Benton County history. You can also visit William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge—an official winter habitat for Dusky Canada Geese. Although you can’t view the waterfowl up close while they’re in residence, there are enough trails and viewpoints to keep you occupied. Nearby is the Fiechter House (c. 1857)—known to be the oldest house in Benton County. Afterwards, relax and dine at Big River Restaurant and Bar, recommended for their pasta dishes, calzone, and fine wine selection. 

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