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Looking for not just anyone, but for “the one”? Want to meet other singles whom you can date with, go beyond your first date and maybe create a relationship with? Finding for your better half is now made simpler with uMeet, Auxier, Kentucky online dating page. We will help you have yours.

In a little CDP like Auxier, we can link single women and men to cities and towns within Floyd County such as Allen, Drift, Betsy Lane, David, Wheelwright, Prestonsburg, Wayland, and Martin and look for the perfect partner that will suit them through our special dating match list.

Take a short trip to the Star City of Eastern Kentucky, the city of Prestonsburg, and have you and your date enjoy the great and delicious food and drinks from Billy Ray’s restaurant. Try some from their menu: pancakes, waffles, French toast, wraps for all, delicious sandwiches, burger bonanza, and triple decker club sandwiches. Or have a casual lunch date at Thunder Ridge Clubhouse with an outdoor lounge, full service bar and restaurant, on site catering and outdoor grilling after attending a horse racing event at Thunder Ridge Racing and Entertainment Complex.

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