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Georgia Dating 

So, what is your guilty pleasure? Are you an outdoorsy type of person that loves to hike, go fishing, and take refuge in the beauty of nature? Do you enjoy hanging out on the beach, sunbathing under the sun as you take in the relaxing waves of the sea and comforting feel of the sand? Do you like an extraordinary adventure on one of the best historical parks and attractions that you can only find in the state of Georgia? Yes, you read that right. You can do all these things in Georgia, which is located at the southeast of the United States. This state certainly has a lot of stories to tell. With its colorful history, interesting nicknames, amazing attractions and sceneries, its easy way of living, and its hospitable people, it is truly a kind of place that is ideal for families and couples.

Georgia: One of the Original 13 States

Here’s something to talk about, whether you are with your date, your loved one, or a friend. Georgia is named after Great Britain’s King George II and is the last of the original 13 southern colonies that was founded and established in 1732. It is also one of the original seven Confederate states. These states all signed the Declaration of Independence back in 1776, in an attempt to acquire freedom from the British rule, resulting to an American Revolution. By January 2, 1788, Georgia officially became the fourth state of the United States. Why don’t you fascinate your partner by these little pieces of information? This can make your historical visits all the more significant and memorable.

The Southern Empire that Grows Peaches and Peanuts 

Did you know that this beautiful state has several other names? You’d probably heard it all but do you understand how they got these names? Georgia’s official nickname is “The Empire State of the South,” mainly because its economic stature corresponds with New York, which is originally known as The Empire State. Georgia is also called as the “Goober State” because they are currently the leading nation that produces delicious little ground peanuts. Finally, let us not forget that they are also called as “The Peach State.” Georgian peach farms are the biggest ones in the United States, producing yellow succulent peaches to be marketed all over the world. Now isn’t that peachy?

Economical Growth and Population

On top of its peach growing ventures and peas, a lot of major companies, corporations, and business moguls put on their huge investments on this southern homeland. This means one thing—the state has a huge annual income that has been steadily growing for the past couple of years. In fact, they have been included in the country’s top 100 fastest growing state. Georgia is a stable nation with great employment opportunities and a healthy growing lifestyle.

As for its population, it is currently the 9th most populated state in the country. Atlanta is Georgia’s capital city and a big chunk of its locals live here. But don’t you worry though because this state has a large and extensive terrain, with its sprawling plains, scenic mountains, picturesque lakes, and rivers, giving enough space for its residents and tourists. So even if this is one of the most populous places in the Unites States, you can still enjoy some privacy and that quaint-like feel with your special someone.

Exciting Attractions and Fun Things to Do

Let’s get back to your guilty pleasures because you can certainly have it all here in Georgia. This what makes this place different from other states—you can practically do anything that your heart desires! From experiencing the perfect paradise escape to simply watching a live reenactment of the Civil War, you can literally go back in time, return to the present, and have a glimpse of the future with Georgia’s one-of-a-kind attractions and scenic adventures. 

Atlanta: An Advanced Metro with a Touch of History 

Atlanta is the commercial hub of the state. Skyscrapers loom the metropolis, housing all kinds of advanced technology to keep up with the ever so competitive business trends in the country and in the world. However, you would be surprised to learn that it also holds a lot of iconic historical attractions that you can enjoy and share with your special someone.

You can start with the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park. Over five thousand soldiers have died here back in 1864. It contains beautiful tombs and prolific monuments that can truly touch your heart. You can also visit Atlanta History Center where they offer their signature exhibitions that include Centennial Olympic Games Museum, Metropolitan Frontiers, and Turning Point: The American Civil War.

Romantic Pristine Beaches of Golden Isles 

Here at Golden Isles, you can find the untouched warm Atlantic waters and yellow sandy beaches, a perfect getaway from the hustles and bustles of the big city life. You can bask under the cheerful sun or take a dip with the gentle waves of the sea. It also contains century-old lighthouses and magnificent waterways, ideal for kayaking. Be exhilarated with the fun activities that you can do here in Golden Isles. This place is definitely food for the soul and a magical haven to fall in love all over again.

Discover Georgia’s True Passion

Georgia may be “The Peach State” of the country but grapes are their secret passion. You will find one of the best wineries at Northeast Georgia Wineries. This place contains an endless cluster of vineyards, where a lot of award-winning and globally competitive wines have been born and raised. You can stay in at the country inn and breathe in and enjoy the fresh mountain air, picturesque vineyards, antique shops, and art galleries.

Dating in Georgia

So, you haven’t found the right partner yet, huh? Maybe you need to see things at a different perspective so that you’ll have a new understanding on how the dating life goes in this amazing state. First off, you might want to consider the southern lifestyle, its dominant religion, diversity, and overall atmosphere. Seventy percent of the locals are Protestant Christian, with twenty-four percent Baptist, and twelve percent Catholic. Many of its residents still go to church every Sunday.

Despite Georgia’s religious beliefs and old-fashioned southern lifestyle, its residents are educated and highly diverse. You don’t need to pretend someone that you’re not. Just be yourself and you will surely meet your ideal match. You would be pleased to find out that Georgia has the 12th highest rate of single-person household, which means that there are over a hundred thousand residents that aren’t married. You just need to use the right tool and technique to discover the right partner for you.

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