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Florida Dating

Sun, sand, pirates, Fountain of Youth, flowers, rocket ships, and space centers… you can find these things and more here in Florida. Considered as one of the most beautiful states in the country, this place is teeming with excitement and thrill because there is always something to do in Florida. From lounging at the beach, bar hopping during the night, or fascinate yourself at the discovery and space center, it is that one exciting place where you can do everything and still feel so much at home! So if you are already living in the Sunshine State of the United States, then you don’t need to look far to enjoy a lifetime of experiences with a loved one. 

Quick History

Florida has a dramatic and colorful history. The original settlers here are Native Americans, however, the whole region was found by the infamous conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon, from which he conquered and claimed the land for Spain. He stumbled upon the shores of St. Augustine, during his journey to the Bahamas, where the legendary Fountain of Youth supposedly existed. He named the land “Pascua Florida,” because he has discovered a land full of flowers at Palm Sunday. However, the Native American fought hard and brave against the Spanish conqueror, wounding him and his soldiers. Long after the land was conquered by the Spanish and was protected by the Natives, it finally became a part of the Americas. It became a Confederate State during the American Civil War.


Although Florida still has its fair share of erratic weather and climate, the amount of sunshine it has during summer is still high enough for the authorities to call it as the “Sunshine State” of the country. Other nicknames include the “Everglade State” since tons of Everglades are seen in the vicinity, the “Orange State” due to the abundance of orange groves, and the “Flower State” because of so many wildflowers that grow everywhere!

Economy and Population

The economy of Florida has continuously boomed due to its many commercial centers, tourist attractions, and natural products. Of course, let us not forget that this is also where NASA’s space, testing, and launching center is located, which is the Kennedy Space Center.  Florida is the nation’s leading manufacturer of oranges and grapefruit. It is also leading in lumber, turpentine, rosin, and pulpwood production. Phosphate rock is processed here, the key ingredient in making fertilizers. Florida’s population is over eighteen million. Seventy-five percent of it is White followed by sixteen percent of African American. There are a total of three religions that dominates the state. These are Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, and Mainline Protestant.

What to See

Like it was mentioned earlier, it is very easy to find something to do in Florida. You can sunbathe under the cheerful sun, have a romantic dinner by the beach during sunset, get awestruck by the vastness of space in Kennedy Space Center, or go back to history as you visit some of the ancient and glorious lighthouses. These are just some of the examples that you can do and enjoy with your partner.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center does not only hold one of the biggest infrastructures in the space industry, but it has also become the magnet of the curious, making it one of the most sought after tourist attractions. In here you will find several unmanned rocket launches, which can easily be seen from afar as the countdown begins on the launch pad. If there is no scheduled launch, that is totally all right since you can always be fascinated with the history of space, which has been discovered and documented by late scientists, engineers, and astronauts. You can also check out the amazing exhibits that came from outside the planet, the legendary space shuttles, and pictures of men and women in space suits.

The Lighthouses

With its long stretch of beaches down by the Gulf of Mexico to the Ocean, you will find a series of beautifully created and designed lighthouses that can automatically feed the romantic in you. These larger than life landmarks have served the state and its marine industry, guiding the boat with its light. Cape Florida, Alligator Reef, and St. Augustine is one of the examples of these amazing infrastructure that have seen the faces of many pirates and conquerors who have visited the land way back in time.

Sunny Florida Beaches 

Palm shaded and sun kissed, these are the things that you will see in the beaches of Florida. The state is known to be the home to the most affluent communities, as they buy their own properties to serve as their rest house down by the white sandy shores of Florida. Perfect for romantic dinners by sunset and sunbathing during the day, it is a must that you and your partner visit Delray Beach just north of Boca Raton or Clearwater Beach along the shores of Gulf of Mexico.

Dating in Florida

Dating in Florida is really easy because the residents are quite friendly, modern, and hospitable. Many locals are very casual about their way of living, most especially those who live near the beach. The state is not entirely religious, but it would not hurt if you still respect the beliefs of your date. One of the best and sure ways to impress someone is visit these places (lighthouses, space centers, and beaches) and by the end of the day, the person will be enthralled because of your fun and enjoyable experiences together.

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