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Your past relationships and dating experiences may have marked a bad scar in your heart but those should never be a reason to stop searching for the perfect one. Don’t waste your time sobbing for your heartaches; rather open your windows for other applicants. If you are having a hard time looking for your ideal mate, uMeet is offering help to find him/her.

Finding a romantic partner in Connecticut is easy with the help of our advanced search system that lets people connect to our different users in nearby counties such as Hartford, Middlesex, New London, and Windham.

Get on your best clothes and grab a romantic date at leFarm, L'Escale, or The Dressing Room. You could also let the chemistry sizzle in the air by dining at outdoor restaurants like The Chelsea and Molto.

Share thoughts, stay laid-back, and don’t try to impress your date immensely and you’ll be sure to get a second date. Still have doubts? Try uMeet—don’t worry; we won’t charge you for anything.