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California Dating

Sunny and stylish, these are the two words that can best describe the beautiful state of California. It is home to a lot of amazing beaches as well as the glamorous Hollywood, making it that one place where a lot of actors and actresses live. Being a Californian surely is snazzy and luxurious. However, do you know your facts about the state that you are in right now? It would not hurt to know the basics about your California’s history and how it became a successful state today. Here’s a quick 411 about its history, economy, demographics, lifestyle, things to do and see, and of course, dating and falling in love. 

Quick History

“Eureka!” This is what the people have said during 1849, when the famous gold rush was taking place right in California. Even the Spanish conquistadors saw this state as a treasure island during the fifteen hundreds when gold is abundant. With its golden yellow poppies and cheerful sunshine, this place is literally golden in every way possible. However, this dreamy paradise has its fair share of horrific disasters since the San Andreas Fault lies through here. This fault has drastically shifted during 1906, bringing earthquake and fire to its residents. Over three thousand people have died and a lot of homes and infrastructure have been lost. In fact, San Francisco city has been almost destroyed.


California is known as “The Golden State.” This is not surprising at all since the place literally has gold on it. It is even stated in your history books! This nickname is official, legitimizing it in 1968. Aside from the state’s wondrous golden discoveries, it is also full of golden poppy flowers, golden sunshine, and golden sandy beaches. It surely is an amazing place to live in, with all of its modern luxury and fashionable lifestyle, this is a state that is ideal for the stars. Maybe that is why Hollywood, the headquarters for the entertainment industry, is here.

Economy and Population

California is one of the most successful states in the United States. Its income is so big that it can already be compared to other countries. It has almost two trillion gross state product, making this state responsible for the thirteen percent of the domestic income of the United States. This is not at all surprising since the five largest sectors of financial services are housed here as well as trade, utilities, and transportation. A lot of major educational institution and health care are also here in the Golden State, as well as entertainment and manufacturing industries.

As for its population, California is the 2nd most populated state in the United States, only second to São Paulo, Brazil. In fact, California is so populous that the amount of its residents is more than the amount of people living in thirty-four countries! Yes, it is that big! Seventy-four percent of the residents are White, fourteen percent Asian, and six percent African American. The dominating religion is Roman Catholic, following Protestants and Jew.

What to See

You will never run out on things to do at this highly urbanized metropolis. Everything that you have ever dreamed is practically here and more! From dining with the stars to enjoying a quite day at the beach, there is always something for everybody. Because of the mild sunny weather, you can enjoy relaxing escapes all over the city. This is truly a great place for couples wherein you can spend a lifetime of experiences with.

The Sun Kissed Newport Beach

Are you a beach lover? Are you a sucker for sunsets over the horizon as you enjoy a candlelit dinner with your loved one? If you are, then you might want to checkout Newport Beach in California. This resort features old-fashioned piers, fresh seafood delights, and amusement park wherein you can know your future while you eat frozen bananas and cotton candies! If you are a surfer, check out The Wedge, a twenty-foot wave that challenges any surfers! End the day with a romantic ferry ride as you bask under the moonlight stars.

Classic Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier has been used by many directors to shoot their films and by musicians to sing in their lyrics. It is one of the famous landmarks of California since it is the oldest amusement pier in the state. Although the whole place is starting to age, it’s totally okay because it gives the whole park a rustic ambience that is very hard to see in today’s modern world. Spend the whole day riding the Ferris wheel and become exhilarated with the thrill of the roller coaster. You and your date might get sunburned noses but it surely is worth it.

Getting Star Studded! 

Of course, do not forget to visit Hollywood and its streets full of markings of the best actors in the film industry. From checking out Marilyn Monroe’s footprints to marveling at Elvis Presley’s hand marks, you can literally go back in time with these iconic actors! Stop by at Hollywood’s Universal Studios and you will be shown the popular sets of various television series and movies. You’ll never know, you might see a star or two inside this exciting place! 

Dating in California

California is a fairly diverse state where everything is modern and urbanized. Its people are fashion forward and liberated when it comes to its principles and beliefs. As long as you know your music, your stars, your art, and your style, you can never go wrong when it comes to dating someone here. You already know where to go after all. All you need to do is be confident in everything that you do and that will help you get that special someone that you have been waiting for.

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