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Alabama Dating

Alabama is a sprawling, beautiful southern state that is known for a lot of attractions. So what’s the difference? This state is so magnificently preserved that almost everything that you see is tinged with an old world elegance that is infused with rich southern culture and hospitality. This combination can give you an amazing feeling of easy comfort, that feeling that you are somehow at home most especially when you see the smiling faces of the locals as they cook gastronomical delights that can satisfy the tummy and can nurture the soul while you bask in the surreal old fashioned beauty of the state. It surely is a great place to fall in love, to have a family, and to grow old.

A Quick Peek of History

“Alabama, Alabama, We will aye be true to thee…” This is an excerpt of the Alabama State Song and it certainly has a strong association with faithfulness and loyalty. This is not at all surprising since the state has experienced a lot of challenges, particularly during the American Civil War when tons of soldiers have bravely fought and died to protect the state and to support its country. The state capital is Montgomery and most of the locals live here. Alabama was one of the few to join the Confederate State of America. Upon leaving the Union, the rage of war peaked, shelling out over 120,000 soldiers during the Civil War. These brave men wore fine uniforms with yellow cloth on their sleeves, giving them the name the “Yellowhammers,” which has stuck until today. 

This patriotism has developed into one of the most basic and strong foundations of the people in Alabama. They know the sheer importance of commitment, reliability, and trustworthiness. They can show true loyalty and great companionship that can last a lifetime. 


As earlier mentioned, Alabama is known as the “Yellowhammer State” mainly because of the yellow-sleeved soldiers that have stood out during the Civil War, similar to the Yellowhammer birds that are often seen in the area. Since its capital city is where the Confederate Constitution was born, Montgomery was appointed and called as the “Cradle of the Confederacy.” This is also why they are called the “Heart of Dixie.” The residents of Alabama are all for patriotism and they will really appreciate if you know these things, a plus points to your future partner in life.

Economy and Population

Alabama is a fairly stable state. They have invested a large portion of their budget and resources in aerospace, healthcare, banking and finance, automobile production, mineral and steel extraction, and education. Their abundance of nature and livestock also portrays a big role in their economical success. Today, the overall value of the state is at 2 billion dollars, making them one of the most independent and highly competitive states in the country.

Alabama’s population has a predominant mixture of African American (twenty-six percent) and English (twenty-four percent). Other roots include Irish (around eight percent), German (five percent), and Scottish (two percent). Although a lot of the locals have English blood, they see themselves as Americans simply because they have been in the country for too long.

If you are to look for a partner that you can enjoy a lifetime of experiences with, it is crucial that you are aware about the importance of Christianity in Alabama. This state is located in the middle of the Bible Belt, wherein a large chunk of the population are Christian followers. In fact, Alabama is considered as one of the most religious places in the country so you might want to make sure you know your religion and beliefs before pursuing your ideal match.

What to See

Alabama is not only known for its friendly people and successful economy, they are also famous for their pristine beaches that are perfect for the good old romantic, the amazing aerospace discoveries that are equally fascinating and amazing, and of course, it is also home of a lot of Civil War museums and parks, a treasured experience for all historical buffs. In short, there will always be something for everybody, thus making it easy for you to know where to go on your first day with you perfect match.

Alabama Beaches

Did you know that Alabama houses a lot of magnificent beach resorts, all in one long stretch on the Gulf Coast? Yes, you got that right. This place is not only known for its historical sites but it is also famous for its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, a total eye candy for anyone who want to escape the hustles and bustles of the city life.

Take your pick, you can go to Gulf Shores wherein you can enjoy a sumptuous meal of fresh seafood while you go boat-riding over its calm shores, you can visit the Orange Beach if you want to sunbathe on their perfectly refined white sands, or simply marvel at the minimalist ambience of Dauphin Island. These resorts are totally a dream come true for all beach lovers and of course, lovers out there that want to spend quality time with each other.

Science and Discovery

Would you like to do something different? Then why don’t you surprise yourself with an adventurous day by visiting one of the best aerospace discovery museums and parks in the country? You can start with the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Hunstville, where you can discover a man’s journey through space through watching it in IMAX theaters that can make your jaw drop in wonder. Of course, don’t forget to check out Apollo Saturn V rocket, a 363-foot rocket ship that has braved the space and back. Finish the day off with one of the science and discovery museums, as you also discover the beauty and highly technological treasures that can only make you want for more!

Historical Gems 

In between Selma and Montgomery lies the National Historic Trail in Haynesville. This shows a wide array of memorial centers and exhibits, a great way to learn the hardships that the state has endured in the past. Back in the state’s capital city, you can also visit Rosa Parks Museums wherein you can literally turn back the time as you ride in the original 1955 Montgomery city bus. Fascinate yourself and your date by showing the place where Martin King Luther Jr. lived. Finally, make sure you visit the country’s biggest civil rights museum at Birmingham wherein it contains thousands of square feet full of historical archives, galleries, and exhibits.

Dating in Alabama

Dating in this wonderful state is pretty easy for as long as you are aware about some of its history, way of living, lifestyle, and places to see. Knowing these things can give you a full grasp on the principles, foundation, and religious beliefs that are most important to its locals, thus giving you an edge when it comes to getting to know the person that you are with during your first date.

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