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Wants to meet Males between 22 & 34 years old
Lives in Newark , United States
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First name Philise S
Birthday 01 February 1961
Gender Female
City Newark, NJ, US
Preferred Language English
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I consider myself a worldly individual. I am a very compassionate person with an aggressive personality in a shy kind of way. I still have alot of little girlish ways and I love spending time with my family, I love socializing with people and helping people with the GOD given gifts that he has blessed me with. I can be both silly and serious. I balance my life by both being to myself and with people. I am a loner, not a clickish person and I do not like failure, it is a unacceptable excuse in life. Music: Jazz, R&B Classics; Club Music; Gospel; 70's & 80"s Pop Music TV: World Politic News-CNN; America's Top Model; CSI (all of them); The Wire; Sopranos Sports: Gymnastics, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Roller Skating, Pool, Basketball Interests: Politics, Debate Forums, Event Planning, Fashion Model & Design, Interior Design for Homes, Movies: Suspense, Drama & Mystery; Action-Adventure; Sci-fi BestFeatures: Waist to legs Dreams: To live life to the fullest comfortably, with financial stablility, alongside my soul mate for life,while sharing daily love with my family and my church