flag HORTENSE B, 63 Years

Wants to meet Males between 22 & 34 years old
Lives in Brooklyn , United States
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First name HORTENSE B
Birthday 11 July 1960
Gender Female
City Brooklyn, NY, US
Preferred Language English
Relationship Status Married




College: Skidmore College Music: Old School, R&B, Jazz, Chilites, Manhattans, Stylistics, EWF, Moments(Ray Goodman & Brown), Blue Magic, Temptations, TP, Luther, Joe, Stevie Wonder, India Irie, Jill Scott TV: Real Emergency Room, Books: Sidney Sheldon, Sports: Basketball (Laker, Knicks)m, Baseball (NY Mets) Interests: Anything pertaining to the medical field, cooking, movies, plays, concerts (ar&B/Jazz), entertaining at home with my husband & family Movies: A Time To Kill, The Associate, The Godfather, Mad Money, To Kill A Mockingbird, Diary of A Mad Black Woman, Bone Collector. Posidon(remake) BestFeatures: my smile