flag Mr. James, 61 Years

Wants to meet Females between 22 & 34 years old
Lives in Jamaica , United States
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First name Mr James6
Birthday 16 July 1962
Gender Male
City Jamaica, NY, US
Preferred Language English
Relationship Status Single




Try to live by the rules of your God, and life should be acceptable. If your "karma" ain't quite right, refer to my first sentence. That being said, what's up, how you doing? Music: I'm into all music, but I basically am a "house music" fan. I'm a veteran of the back in the day clubs. ( The Loft The Paradise Garage Melting Pot Buttermilk Bottom etc ) TV: king of queens( the wife is HOT) Books: the notebook a beautiful love story Movies: I don't do em much WhatImInto: Parenthood, fishing, gardening, takining care of my house, Cute intelligent outgoing INDEPENDENT (don't NEED a man) women MyBestFeatures: You tell me when we meet. If we meet!! MyDreams: Sitting at the right hand of my God when he calls me. But before that, seeing my son become a man.