flag Witchywomman, 59 Years

Wants to meet Males between 22 & 34 years old
Lives in Bronx , United States
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First name Witchywomman
Birthday 18 April 1964
Gender Female
City Bronx, NY, US
Preferred Language English
Relationship Status Single




I'm very easy to get along with and have a big heat ..but my feeling hurt easy . I don't like to fight or argue . If my feeling are hurt I shut down . The most important thing to me in any relationship is trust and honesty respect,and communicate. Music: I like Jimmy Buffet , The eagles, Beatles , I like most country , pop rock , rock, love songs TV: CSI Books: most love stores Interests: My Boys , I love the outdoors when it's not so cold. I love swimming , boating , fishing , gone for walks , BestFeatures: I would have to say my eyes.........fun loveing Dreams: my dream is to be in love and to be loved ...the kind of love that when he just touches your face and kisses your lips you just want to melt into his arms...the kind of love where not only you make love passonly . but the kind where you can walk and talk about anything . the kind where i can cuddle up with . with honesty and trust and not controling..to make love with so mush passion that nothing else matters .someone that would want to things like walk bearfoot in the sand and watch the sunsat or sunrise.