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Wants to meet Females between 22 & 34 years old
Lives in Bronx , United States
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First name Lincoln H9
Birthday 18 July 1964
Gender Male
City Bronx, NY, US
Preferred Language English
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I am one that's a huge believer in loyalty - to God, Family, Wealth, Friends, and Country. The whole principal of loyalty is a strong quality of mines, but it must be a true mirror image facing me in order for me to reciprocate it. Music: Jazz,Rythm & Blues,Funk,Gospel,Rock,cl assical,Hip-Hop,salsa,cou ntry,some new age.(mostly all communication of sound - except reggaetone and house music). TV: American Idol,So You Think You Can Dance,On The Lot,(all)CSI,(all)Law & Order,DIY Network,(most)Discovery Channels Books: (all) Books By Author:Frank Bonham,THE BIBLE,"How To" Books (on building & repairing things) Sports: FOOTBALL, WINTER & SUMMER OLYMPICS. Interests: To continue in building our, future Corporations, and its Empire. Movies: Action/Adventure,Action/D rama,Martial Arts,Mysteries,Comedies,W esterns,Old Classics,Gangster(not gangsta). BestFeatures: "when you find it, let me know" Dreams: "I've found mines, and hope that their dreams are fulfilled as well"