flag Jessie T, 27 Years

Wants to meet Males between 22 & 34 years old
Lives in Cleveland , United States
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First name 19Jessie T17
Birthday 06 July 1992
Gender Female
City Cleveland, TN, US
Preferred Language English
Relationship Status Single




hi Music: i like r&b rap and the blues, im mostly like to listen to slow jams like babyface and boys11men Movies: i have watched so many movies but i like watching fun movies i dont realy like scary movies but i watch them with friends anyway WhatImInto: i like sports mostly vollyball and softball. im also in to animals.and i like school, my favorite subject is science and language arts MyBestFeatures: mii best feature is my personality and everybody else has ther oppinion for the rest MyDreams: i have alot of dreams that have something to do with my future and my problems